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All of our used, and consignment stock has been tested and is in great working order unless otherwise stated.

Our current used/demo stock:

Used items come in and are sold so quickly, we are unable to keep updating this page.

For used items, please send us an email or check out our Facebook page.

We will also be auctioning off some unsold items on Ebay, we will attach links to this page when there are auctions available.

Recently Sold Items:

Rega Planar 1 $299 Sold
Rega Planar 2 $399 Sold
Harbeth P3 ESR Cherry (demo) $1499/pair SOLD
Harbeth Compact 7 Cherry (demo) $2299/pair SOLD
JM Lab Focal Spectral 909.1 $950/pair SOLD
Yamaha NS515F $499/pair SOLD
Roksan xerxes SOLD
Linn LK2 Power Amp $250 SOLD
Yamaha RX396 $149 SOLD
Technics SAEX100 $129 SOLD
Cambridge Azur 351R $349.99 SOLD
Rotel RA810A $149 SOLD
Arcam Alpha 5 $149 SOLD
Thorens TD166 $499.99 SOLD
Adcom 545 II $399 SOLD
Marantz SR5500 $199.99 SOLD
Denon DP300f $299.99 SOLD
Sony STRDG710 $199.99 SOLD
Yamaha HTR5560 $199.99 SOLD
Technics SL-3300 $139.99 SOLD
Exposure 2010 Integrated: $400 SOLD
Yamaha NS-10M: $350 / pair. SOLD
DALI Zensor 3: $350 / pair. SOLD
DALI Zensor 1: $200 / pair. SOLD
Exposure 2010S2 Power Amplifier: $1099 (was $1699) SOLD
B&W Nautilas 803: $2700 / pair. SOLD
Bryston 3B-SST: $1650 SOLD
Bryston BP6: $850 SOLD
B&W CM4: $700 SOLD
Martin Logan Theos: $2200 SOLD
Marantz 2225 Receiver: $400 SOLD
NAD T763 (new capacitors): $400 SOLD
Yamaha NS-1000M: $1000 / pair. SOLD
Linn Kaber: $850 / pair. SOLD
Linn 5120: $600 SOLD
Arcam FMJ P25 3 channel power amp: $1099 SOLD

210 Princess St
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
K7L 1B2

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Ash Forest Hi-Fi is located at 210 Princess St. in Kingston, Ontario. We are just a few stores down from The Grand Theatre, between Sydenham St. and Montreal St.