Ash Forest Hi-Fi Princess Street Kingston Ontario

Ash Forest Hi-Fi began in 2011 in a 4 acre ash forest, north of Kingston.

I have always enjoyed great audio. In the early 80s, I was amazed at how good by Dad’s Yamaha system sounded in the living room. It was so much better than anything I had in my bedroom, and better than anything I had heard at my friend’s homes. I quickly became interested in why it sounded better, and I started to acquire components to get the sound I wanted.

After working in a few audio/video shops and for some satellite installation companies, I moved to Kingston in 1998 to attend St. Lawrence College for electronics technician. I was hired by Sony in 1999 and worked at the Sony Store for a little over a year. While I was working for Sony in the mall, I was actually buying my hi-fi components from Just Hi-Fi, a hi-fi shop in downtown Kingston.

In 2000, Larry hired me to work at Just Hi-Fi. Less hours and more money was great, and being able to sell and set up high-end products made it so much better.

I decided to leave Just Hi-Fi in August of 2005, and was hired by Leading Edge Hobbies for sales and service.

We bought a 4 acre lot north of the city and built a house in the fall of 2005. New home and a new job – a little bit stressful!

In 2011, I was really missing audio and started Ash Forest Audio. I spoke to various audio suppliers about becoming a dealer. A few would allow me to start slowly out of my home, until I was brave enough to open a store.

Friends and potential customers would come over to listen to the high-end audio in our living room, while looking out through our large front window at the ash forest…

I was working full time at Leading Edge Hobbies, and selling audio on my days off.

In 2015 we opened up Ash Forest Hi-Fi in downtown Kingston, very close to where Just Hi-Fi was.